Friday, August 5, 2016


Summer break is here! The time when students, like me, get to go on vacation, relax,  and play with their friends. This summer my mom and dad planned a wonderful trip to Barcelona, Florance, and Rome. I loved all  the cities, and I wanted to write about my experience.  So, I decided to do one blog post for every city.

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Barcelona was the first city I went to, and it was also my favorite. I love Barcelona because of  a fantastic architect named Antoni Gaudi. We went to Park Guell, La Padrara, and Sagrada Familia which were all designed by Gaudi.  He puts so much detail into his work, which is why I like the buildings he designs.

A fountain in Park Guell

Park Guell was meant to be a housing community, but they never finished it. It sat empty for twelve years before the Barcelona city council opened it as a public park in 1926. When my family and I went to see it, I was dumbstruck by how much detail was put into it. No wonder they never finished it! There was so much to do.Tiles of all colors were put together to make a beautiful mosaics all over the structures. I also saw fountains made into fabulous mosaics. The best part about Park Guell was the view of the city. The view overlooked so many interesting sights, and I loved being able to see the Mediterranean Sea from Park Guell. 

This is the view of  Park Guell from the courtyard.


I saw this looking up from the courtyard
La Pedrera was a very enjoyable place to visit. Gaudi got payed design an apartment building for wealthy people. Inside La Pedrera you can see many apartments, but the thing that catches your eye is the giant hole at the top. The space in the roof is used to make the courtyard feel open, and it very much did. During the tour I learned that Gaudi related a lot of his work to nature. For example, the attic in La Pedrera is shaped like a snake skeleton.

The best part about La Pedrera was when we got to go on the roof for a fantastic light show. The light show was about nature, because that was Gaudi's inspiration. I also loved the riveting music that went along with the show.


Sagrada Familia is the most detailed place I have ever seen. The first thing you see when you walk in is a rainbow of stained glass on the 150 foot high ceiling. All different colors of blue and red stained glass are on the sides of the wall. But what I loved most was the outside of  Sagrada Familia. Statues of angles and lambs were carefully carved out on the front.

My favorite thing to do in Sagrada Familia was go to the highest tower and see the view from there. I was taller than every building I could see at the top. I was very glad that I got to go up there until I learned our down. A steep spiral staircase was the way down, and I was a little scarred I was going to fall down the middle. But after what seemed like forever we finally got to the bottom. There I learned some interesting facts about Sagrada Famila

The construction for the church began in 1882, but just one year later Guadi took over leadership of the project. Sadly, Antoni Gaudi died on June tenth 1920,  however the work continues and is planned to be finished in 2026.

This is the front of Sagrada Familia.  Amazing right!
I had to walk down this staircase!!

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

If so,  have you seen any Gaudi buildings?

If you haven't been there would like to go?




Thursday, June 2, 2016

Practicing Soccer

       As you might know I love to play soccer. I have always felt comfortable when I'm on the field playing, and as you might have guessed, I'm always practicing to get better. At the end my practices, my dad or I always point out what I can work on. After I find out what to work on, I practice that skill, so I will become a fantastic soccer player someday.

       Today I worked on running, because I want to get faster. My trainer, Marlin, knows multiple drills that can help with running. So when my dad and I went to the middle school nearby, we knew the drill that I was going to work on. When we got to the middle school, I did one drill the whole time.  It was called The Speed Drill. There are eight cones equally spaced in a straight line. Starting at the first cone, you sprint ahead two cones, then backpedal one cone. You continue this pattern until you finish at the eighth cone. It was very tiring after I did ten repetitions,  but I'm glad I worked hard to become a better player.

This is my brother and I stretching.

I love practicing to get better at anything. It's a big goal of mine to get better at soccer each ad every day. I'm very thankful for everyone who helps me get on the rode to becoming the best soccer player in the world!

What are you practicing to get better at?

What are some of the things you are doing to get better at that skill?

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Welcome to My Blog

     Welcome to Practice Makes Perfect! First of all, I would like to thank my fabulous teacher, Mrs. Yollis, for giving permission to have my own blog. Here in my blog I will try to publish as much as possible. I will publish a multitude of posts about things I enjoy, and hopefully I will learn some interesting facts about you too. I mainly love reading, writing, playing with my dog Mazy, and playing sports. So, you will hear a lot about those hobbies.

Mazy and Me (Photo by my mom)


Since I love to read, I thought that I could do a blog post on the books I've read. Books are a wonderful way to learn more. The more you read the better the books and your brain gets.

One of my favorite books is called Ruby Holler written by Sharon Creech. I love her book because Sharon uses very descriptive words when it comes to writing about the places the people are in the book. For example, to describe the woods at night Sharon says, "Out of the shadows dash creatures of all shapes and sizes: swift, diving bats and scurrying raccoons, fluttery moths and cunning bobcats. From the deepest silence erupt groans and howls, snorts and squawks, creaks and croaks." I really recommend this book to you, and I can guarantee you will love it.


Another book I recommend to you is called Crenshaw. It is written by Katherine Applegate, the Newbery Medal award wining author of The One and Only Ivan

Photo by Mrs. Yollis 
Crenshaw is a superb book because it is written in the point-of-view of a boy who has an imaginary friend. When Katherine writes as if she is the boy, the story gives you more detail on what is happening in his mind. For example, when a boy named Jackson finds his imaginary friend, Crenshaw, taking a bubble bath, Jackson's thoughts help explain the book. For that reason and many more, I think that Crenshaw is a fabulous book.


What are some of your favorite books?

Tell me a little bit about yourself.